Breathe Well, Live well .. (A popular Ayurvedic saying).
It means : The better we breath, the more we live, the better the air.. the better the breathe.

Do you know :  On Any given day we breathe approximately 25,000 to 30,000 times. An Adult needs approx. 500 litres of pure oxygen.  More than 50% of the urban population across the world don’t breathe good quality air & this is just the beginning.


We thought the Air in our homes are much better ? You are wrong ! So read more and understand how to stay ahead of this Urban Air Pollution mess..

When is the last time you took a full breath of clean, fresh air ? There is something about clean & crisp air that is completely unforgettable: the way it feels on you, the energy it brings to your body, and the freshness it contributes to that moment. This something that a lot of us don’t experience all too often.


Did you know that the air in an average home is 4-5 (even up to 10) times more polluted than the air outside?

Indoor Air Pollution: Why is it a problem?

Have you ever been in a building that immediately makes your eyes watery, throat scratchy or skin dry? It’s not your imagination or a consequential manifestation of your desires to be “allergic to work”- these are in fact very real symptoms of sick building syndrome, a common phenomenon created from pollutants in an indoor space.

While new technologies work to combine energy efficiency with adequate ventilation and non-toxic building materials, such architectural shifts are slow and can be expensive to incorporate in an already sagging real estate market. However, with most of us spending about 90% of our time indoors at stuffy schools and offices, in sweaty gyms or relaxing in our homes, this issue is not really something that can wait. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality has been linked to a multitude of conditions,

Eye, nose, throat and skin irritation
Respiratory tract infections: bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections
Increased severity and frequency of asthma episodes
Dizziness, fatigue and lethargy
Damage to liver, kidneys and central nervous system
Chronic health conditions including heart disease, cancer and infertility

So what causes Air Pollution: 

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) : Household products: paints, paint strippers, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays, cleaners/disinfectants, air fresheners, stored fuels and auto products, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothing.

Formaldehyde : Pressed wood products (plywood paneling, particleboard etc): furniture, decking, playground equipment; durable press textiles, glues, insulation

Biologicals (Pollen, Fungi, Dust Mites, Airborne bacteria/viruses) : Wet or moist walls, ceilings, carpets, bedding, household pets, poorly maintained humidifiers/air conditioners

Asbestos : Deteriorating, damaged, disturbed insulation, fireproofing, acoustical materials, floor tiles

Pesticides : Products to kill outdoor pests, garden and lawn chemicals

Respirable Particles : Cigarette, pipe and cigar smoke, wood stoves, fireplaces and kerosene heaters

What can you do about it?

Increase ventilation in your home

Find a high quality air purifier & air quality monitors.

Get some houseplants

Clean Curtains and Carpets frequently.

Knowing what’s in your Air ?

Air Quality Monitors help us to monitor, measure the quality of the air we breathe frequently.  It can alert us when something is not right like excess Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Other toxic gases, Dust, Oxygen content etc.

There are several off the shelf products that can help measure things for you.  There are also custom monitors that are designed based on our needs and which can do notifications / open ventilations / perform actions etc. Techuva helps build need based IOT equipments (with AMC, Warranty, Installation, O & M) at much competitive rates than an off-the-shelf products.

Our Indoor, Outdoor Air Quality Monitors comes [Built on open-stack] comes with a Mobile App, Desktop App, Live Reports & Instant Notifications – supports 2 models  (a) PaaS Model (b) On-Premise model.

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