Serverless Architecture – Removing the Infrastructure Barrier, Forever !

While Server-less Computing isn’t new topic to the Development community, it has reached an interesting place in its development. As developers begin to see the value of this new architecture, a whole new startup ecosystem is about to begin around it.

Just Remember !! Serverless isn’t exactly serverless at all, But the big goal is to enable a developer to focus on Process and Feature Development and leave the infrastructure requirements completely behind to the cloud provider.

The enables the cloud vendors like Amazon – AWS or Azure or Google Cloud  to delivers exactly the right amount of compute, storage and memory and the product development team don’t even have to think about it. How Cool ! isn’t it ?

Remember the benefit it can bring to Startup ecosystems – Companies don’t have to worry about infrastructure at all, they focus on business growth and business scalability….


Advantage Factor – It is basically a cloud model where you pay only for the time your code is executed on the cloud infrastructure”

So the primary advantage of serverless computing is that it allows developers to get away all of the challenges associated with managing servers. “So there is no provisioning, deploying, patching or monitoring — all those details at the the server and operating system level go away” – thus making running business more Agile and Frugal, explains Techuva’s Architecture Team.. Who focusses on Cloud Migration , Building Cloud Ready Applications etc.

Early 2000, Companies love to handle their infrastructure on their own, each of the Fortune 100 Companies had their own vast data centres running 100’s-1000’s of servers, Because they love to handle , manage, operate things themselves… but this proved costly when they had to maintain it every single day & as the internet migration happened scaling up became a mammoth task, Fast forward 2015, 29% of Fortune 100% companies are 100% in cloud and around 44% are in some fashion cloud ready. By 2021, 91% of fortune 100 will be running all their mission critical applications in Cloud Infra and they expect most of their services to be running via “Server-less Infrastructure”. The “Pay As you Go” model is a boon, since it dont demand any initial infrastructure cost from the clients.

Evolution :

In the beginning we had physical servers, but there was lots of wasted capacity. That led to the development of virtual machines, which enabled IT to take a single physical server and divide it into multiple virtual ones. While that was a huge breakthrough for its time, helped launch successful companies like VMware and paved the way for cloud computing, it was the only beginning.

Then came containers, which really began to take off with the development of Docker and Kubernetes, two open source platforms. Containers enable the developer to break down a large monolithic program into discrete pieces, which helps it run more efficiently. More recently, we’ve seen the rise of serverless or event-driven computing. In this case, the whole idea of infrastructure itself is being abstracted away.

Big Advantages :

  1. Removing Scalability and Processing Complexity from Application Architecture.
  2. Easy of Development – Focus on Business Logic and Not on Managing Resources.
  3. Enabling Power of cloud computing – Do more with less.
  4. Cost Effective – Don’t need large physical servers or VMs

Few things to Remember, while choosing a Serverless Architecture

  1. Every thing is cost driven               :
    Hence be mindful.
  2. Everything is provider dependent :
    Mind it ! What works on one Cloud Provider – don’t have to work in the next one.
  3. Logging and Security                       :
    Since Infrastructure and Processing is managed by the provider, be watchful of the Logs , Exceptions and Security also.

Few Predictions on this topic by Analysts.

  • Increased lock-in behavior on the part of cloud providers 
    • Thus making customers stick to the cloud vendor.
  • Improved Service Discovery
    • Single Point visibility of the services
  • Reinvention of Debugging Technology
    • New modern methods to search / parse / view log files.


The way world is seeing it now :
Infinite independence + cost effectiveness + boundless flexibility = Happy Startups Everywhere!

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– Techuva Architecture Team