IoT Opens Door To Energy Efficiency — Not Just In Large Buildings … Read More..

Always the large business owners have sufficient funds and can invest into intelligent building technologies and leveraging these data-driven solutions to reduce costs, improve operational and energy efficiencies, and achieve broader corporate objectives like sustainability.

Today, thanks to rising economic needs and higher costs even the Small and medium building (SMB) owners struggle to maintain profits and sustain slim margins with more traditional approaches. Most of these smaller buildings lack the technology to generate the kind of data that ties energy consumption to operational and bottom-line performance.

So as a result, there is a huge lost opportunity for these business owners to save their Operational Expense. Solution is “The Internet of Things (IoT) concept”.

So there are three ways that IoT is opening new doors for SMB energy efficiency and business improvement.

Providing Plug and Play Solutions :
IoT is about the connectivity of devices, data, and personalisation of technology & data. Today’s IoT Platform helps to connect these business houses with Intelligent Energy Monitoring and Ambient sensors to monitor motion-sensor solutions or infrared sensors to detect people and switch on-off ACs , Lights , Fans etc. This helps in significant reductions in cost from this technology approach—as compared to traditional controls and automation.


Co-Joining multiple Problems Together :Success for these systems means to deliver a transparent ROI through utility bill reductions.Data Analytics :This means to understand which areas, which floors, which equipments are consuming more power or over utilised. So IoT for that matter—is the ability to have a centralised view of building operations to direct changes and make investments that drive down costs and improve experience.

Beyond Energy Efficiency:
The pain points that drive customers to invest in IoT solutions can vary in each situation. It is clear the SMB customers are pitching benefits beyond just energy efficiency. A few examples include:

  1. Monitoring Ambient Temperature
  2. Monitoring indoor Oxygen Levels
  3. Monitoring indoor Carbon dioxide levels
  4. Managing indoor ambient lights
  5. Managing outdoor lightings
  6. Motion Sensor enabled lightings / machines etc

So at Techuva Solutions. We have found that there is no-single-magic-sauce that solves every problem with a single answer or solutions. Hence we figured out different personalised solutions for various business needs :

Our Customised Energy Monitoring Solutions for Industries (with multiple tapping points), Simple Monitors for Shops, Houses, Hospitals etc & Ambient temperature monitors for Industry Floors, Hospitals, Mushroom & Dairy Farms have already started making differences to the energy utilisation .

Techuva Solutions has deployed thier IOT solutions for different Telecom Towers and have completed Phase 1 & Phase 2 trials successfully. Other Solutions like Diesel Monitoring solutions helps various players to efficiently run their DGs or Inverters.

So Our suite of various IoT Packages helps us solve various needs and Requirements of different Customers in a very efficient way, They come with Cloud Ready Architecture, Mobile Solutions and Web Application to view dashboards, change configurations real-time etc.