OMG – Precision Farming Has Arrived. Its an era of producing more with less

For more than 10,000 years our farmers have cultivated crops using trial and error, received wisdom and how the soil feels when they rub in their hands. Only recently in history, mechanisation revolutionised the countryside with machinery and replaced farm animals with tractors.

New farming revolution is triggered by the adoption of  Innovative new technologies: satellites feed, high precision data sets, smart sensors and a range of IT applications combined with high-tech engineering – could produce upto 3X the regular yield.



Yes, You are wrong. Precision Farming is just NOT about = Sensors or Introducing an ERP solution.

Precision Farming is about managing & understanding various parameters in the field accurately to grow more food using fewer resources and reducing farming costs.

All parameters of the environment – Air, soil, weather, vegetation, water , Minerals– vary from place to place. And all these factors determine crop growth and farming success. Farmers have always been aware of this, but they lacked the tools to measure, map and manage these variations precisely. Thus, Precision Farming can make a difference to food production & certainly help farmers to realize more.

Several Components are required for Precision Farming like understanding soil, water content , temperature via various smart sensors – not just from 1 single place, but from various places of the land parcel. This is monitored real-time corrective steps are taken from time to time. Technology is leveraged to take photos of crops and yields randomly via cameras (like drone or surveillance systems) this helps to understand the on-set of any parasite attacks etc.

Advance information like Weather conditions are factored predictive and decision making via systems helps to harvest the crop on time or plan precautionary steps just before the rains etc. It starts from picking up the best seeds to start with, time to germinate and from their own managing each cycle of growth – the natural way using best technology.

Today, there are various models of introducing Precision Farming. Out of Box and Customised Solution. Techuva Solution’s IoT Team has designed customised ERP & IoT Solution to handle precision farming in effective model.

a) Various Sensors monitor real-time parameters.

b) SDN-IoT Solution which can be customized , monitored and controlled remotely.

c) Real-Time, Offline Notifications , Alarms

d) Predictive Weather monitoring solution and feeds from various satellite stations

e) Video Surveillance , Drone Feed

f) Predictive Harvesting Cycles, Climate Condition monitoring, Historical Data Reports

g) Weather Proof IoT Solutions to suit various climatic conditions and needs.

h) Completely Self-Sustained solution (Self Powered, Automatic Data Transmission, Fail Safe, Zero Maintenance)  + No Local IT Infrastructure Required. 

Key Takeaways to Precision Farming

a) Greater sustainability                              

b) Higher productivity                                      

c) Economic benefits

d) Environmental protection

Essentially,Precision Farming has moved from good science to good practice – and has witnessed unprecedented growth around the globe.


So Precision Farming is not just a technology keyword, but its the “WAY OF LIFE and WAY FORWARD for FARMING !”


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-Techuva Architecture Team

Open Source Farming a new Agro Innovation, Ultimately the 2018 Trendsetter !!

Agro IOT

Smart farming is a concept quickly catching on in the agricultural business. Offering high-precision crop control, useful data collection, and automated farming techniques, there are clearly many advantages a networked farm has to offer.

Analysts predicts that food production must increase by 70 percent in the year 2050 in order to meet our estimated world population of 9.6 billion people. Which means “produce more with less”.

Few of our challenges today are climate changes, limited arable land, and costs/availability of fossil fuels. So, what’s the solution? Smart farming & So hows this possible ? 

Few of the advantages IoT brings to the table are : 

  • Ability to innovate the landscape of current farming methods.
  • Predictable Outcome
  • Continuous Monitoring & feedback
  • Optimal usage of natural resources
  • Cheaper Man Power
  • Higher Yield Per Capita
  • Ability to produce desirable traits in different crop yields.

Especially Agro Products like Mushroom Cultivation, Prawn Farms, Organic Tomatoes, Ornamental,Roof-Top Gardens, Herbal Gardens which needs more predictable growth conditions and higher yields are excellent use-cases of IoT Smart Farming.

The very concept of Smart Farming includes monitoring 8-10 parameters internal and external, including right amount sun-light and ambient temperature& others like Soil Moisture, Co2, Humidity, Air Temperature, Nitrogen Levels & other PH parameters of soil and air.

According to a recent MIT Research for Smart Fields in 2016, Wheat and Mushroom Yields can go up as high as 5X compared to the regular ways of farming.

Open Source Farming :

Open Source Farming allows various IOT Companies have access to the Data Feed from the smart farms to analyse various parameters and growth conditions to enable them modify / tweak / re-design their component design parameters and various products. More than 5% farms in Germany, USA, Japan, China have already open-up their data feed to several Institutions to come up with better solutions.

These feeds provide 80% real-time data and 20% historical data to study their patterns and growth levels.

Techuva Solutions have deployed their IOT Mushroom solutions in few pilot farms to analyse growth & other yield parameters to maximise yield & reduce energy bills and manual overheads. Our Analysts predict that we can increase the growth by minimum 25% & reduce energy bills by  20%.

Today Techuva Provides every IoT Client with a Cloud based web ERP Solution, Hybrid Mobile App and Customised IoT Package to suit their growing needs.

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