Deep Learning and CNN – Taking Advanced Machine Learning Forward & Just mimicking similar to Human Brains – An Overview…

Human brains make vision seem very easy. It doesn’t take much effort for human brain to distinguish a Bus and a Car, Read a sign or even recognising a picture. But these are very actually hard problems to solve with a computer. They…


OMG – Precision Farming Has Arrived. Its an era of producing more with less

For more than 10,000 years our farmers have cultivated crops using trial and error, received wisdom and how the soil feels when they rub in their hands. Only recently in history, mechanisation revolutionised the countryside with machinery and replaced farm animals with tractors. New…


Embedded Analytics – Your Decision making tool @ every turn !!

Today Embedded analytics is helping businesses move forward and helping them making right decisions. So lets explore how – Data Driven Business Decisions are far more accurate than Goal Driven Decisions It’s an exciting time for embedded analytics – in fact, it’s an exciting time…


How Do You Know If Your UX is Good ?

“It looks beautiful!” “It’s pretty good.” “It does the job.” These are NOT the worst things people could say about a user interface, but will you be confident that a “pretty” or “OK” user interface is capable of taking the Organisation to the…


Finally, Deep Packet Inspection – A Good Solution for Virus Attacks , Internet Worms etc – Read more.

In a Nutshell – Deep packet inspection (DPI) looks at the contents of data packets, rather than just their headers, leading to more effective security for your network devices. With the increasing cybercrimes and web attacks prove that the existing web security is under threat in…


Serverless Computing – Unleashing a new startup ecosystem

Serverless Architecture – Removing the Infrastructure Barrier, Forever ! While Server-less Computing isn’t new topic to the Development community, it has reached an interesting place in its development. As developers begin to see the value of this new architecture, a whole new startup…


What Kinds of Business Problems Can Machine Learning Handle ?

5 PROBLEMS THAT CAN BE EASILY SOLVED BY MACHINE LEARNING. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have gained prominence in the recent years with Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon coming up with their Cloud Machine Learning platforms. But Interesting fact is that we have been…


Do you know .. what’s in the Air you breathe ?


Breathe Well, Live well .. (A popular Ayurvedic saying). It means : The better we breath, the more we live, the better the air.. the better the breathe. Do you know :  On Any given day we breathe approximately 25,000 to 30,000 times. An…


Can Airlines or Travel apps predict your next travel ? An Interesting Insight

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YES ! Your Airline does knows where you will travel next upto 61% accuracy. Yes people travel for a wide variety of purposes like for Work, Tour, Leisure, Hobby etc. Airline Industry’s competition has reached a point where they are spending crores of rupees…


Millennials are the Top Cybercrime Targets. Why ?


Question – Millennials are being hit harder by cybercrime than any other generation. Why is that ?   Though stealing someone’s identity is illegal, there are plenty of sneaky but legal tactics scammers and hackers employ that can expose you to identity theft as…