Monitoring Server Room Temperature

Server rooms that host computing and network equipment are designed in a number of ways. The servers can be in huge data centres with numerous rooms and cages or in smaller rooms depending on the size of the organization. Sometimes, each floor will have it’s own network gear rooms.

Temperatures need to be maintained anywhere from 65 to 80 F or 18C to 27 C. Infrastructure managers usually have to manually do checkpoints visits every few hours to check the temperature or employ staff to do the rounds.

Added to this, there are many areas behind the servers where it is important to monitor temperature of equipment in individual racks rather than just the room. Manual monitoring is filled with dangers of missing high temperature points and going for remote monitoring solutions is the best way.

A comprehensive solution requires that the sensors are deployed across multiple vantage points to get the accurate picture. Most of the ready made solutions in the market would provide you a finite solution with one or two sensors. These solutions also don’t consider your other needs of switching ON/OFF your air conditioners or other integration needs with your IT application. Every server room has different monitoring and automation needs and off the shelf products won’t satisfy all your requirements.

If you need basic solution, or you have a need of integration with other power equipment or you want to enable the alerts and access data via Web APP or mobile apps , then working with a partner who can provide you end to end integrated solutions from customized hardware to IT is an ideal choice.

Techuva solutions implements customized solutions by studying your server room and alerting needs so that you don’t have to shop around for multiple vendors to serve your various needs. We also provide readymade solutions and you can jump start your monitoring capabilities with it’s state of art myiotglobe web and mobile app platform .